Twelve resolutions were passed, and two additional documents were included in the official proceedings. The reports of working groups and regions are separate.

Resume of Resolutions passed at the Abolition 2000 Conference
Moorea, January 20-28, 1997

* The Moorea Declaration is a supplemental statement to the founding Abolition 2000 statement. It recognises that colonised and indigenous peoples have, in large part, borne the brunt of this nuclear devastation--from the mining of uranium and the testing of nuclear weapons on indigenous land, to the dumping, storage and transport of plutonium, and the theft of land for nuclear infrastructure. It affirms and states that indigenous peoples must be central to the work of Abolition 2000. The inalienable right to self-determination, sovereignty and independence is crucial in allowing all peoples of the world to join in the common struggle to rid the world forever of nuclear weapons.

* The IAEA Resolution speaks to the inadequacies of the IAEA study of the effects of the French nuclear testing in the Pacific, in particular an independent epidemiological study on the health effects on the peoples exposed to radiation from the beginning of the nuclear testing program in 1966.

* A resolution establishing a global Radiation Health Effects working group to work with international agencies and victims of radiation exposure to collect the data necessary to assess their impacts and to provide health care support.

* A resolution calling for an end to the creation and transshipment of high level nuclear waste from France to Japan through Pacific waters.

* A resolution against the military/nuclear option of the Republic of Palau--US Compact of Free Association.

* A resolution from the youth caucus at the Abolition 2000 conference to support the involvement of youth in the struggle to rid the world of nuclear weapons.

* A petition to the President of the State of Israel for the release from prison of Mordechai Vannunu who is currently in the ninth year of solitary confinement for revealing that Israel has nuclear weapons.

* A petition to the President of the State of Israel to stop the design and production of nuclear weapons and sign the Non- Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

* A statement calling on governments to honor their commitments to the elimination of nuclear weapons at the first NPT preparatory committee meeting in April, 1997 at the United Nations in New York.

* A resolution stating that the delegates at the Abolition 2000 conference support in spirit the Tarahoi Statement.

* A resolution calling on the US Space Agency, NASA, to cancel the Cassini space launch scheduled for October 1997 from Florida, which will carry a payload of 72lb of plutonium.

* A call for the government of the USA to cancel its plans to conduct subcritical underground nuclear tests in Nevada this year on the indigenous land of the Western Shoshone Nation.

Also entered into the record as official conference documents were:

*a letter from conference delegates to the Earth Council, calling for their action because the nuclear testing at Moruroa and Fangataufa has created a nuclear waste dump in a marine environment, a violation of the Earth Charter.

*a statement from Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader, calling for united efforts to abolish nuclear weapons and return to a more natural way of life.

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