To IPB, Drs. Rosalie Bertell, Furitsu, Tognoni, Abolition 2000 Health Effects working group,
Biederthal, May 3, 1997

Dear Friends

Following documents have been distributed, together with the Chernobyl Permanent People's Tribunal book to the world's Health Ministers, gathered from May 5 on, at the World's Health Organisation,in Geneva, for the 1997 World's Health Assembly.

Among other problems, the Ministers will have to assess and attribute funding to the research program of WHO on Chernobyl (IPHECA). They have the capacity to pass resolutions, as in 1995 when they brought the case of the use of nuclear weapons before the International Court of Justice in The Hague.

We hope very much that for instance countries like Ireland, Sweden, Norway, New Zealand and others could table a discussion or an assessment of the detrimental relations existing between WHO and IAEA. The small Pacific states and some NAM would surely follow suit. This could lead to a resolution, to be tabled in the WHA or the UN General Assembly.

It would be wonderful if some of friendly organisations could make some follow-up in the different capitals, at the level of the Health Ministry or the government of their country, and/or ask for a discussion in the Parliaments, especially in non-nuclear countries.

Yours in peace
Solange Fernex

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To the Health Ministers, attending the World Health Assembly, May 1997, WHO, Geneva.
Zürich, May 2, 1997

Your Excellency,

We have the honour to present to you the Permanent People's Tribunal's Verdict and its Proceedings on "The Environmental, Health and Human Rights Consequences of the Chernobyl catastrophe", which 11th Commemoration took place last week, on April 26.

The Swiss affiliate of our international physician's organisation, has sponsored the Permanent People's Tribunal, and we are very concerned by the biased reports of the follow-up of the Chernobyl catastrophe and by the continuation of the worldwide promotion of the commercial atomic industry.

After listening to about 40 outstanding international witnesses, the PPT as you will see, came to the conclusion that every step of the nuclear cycle is associated with the production of dangerous, carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic substances and that the same regulations which apply to drugs and chemicals should also apply to this source of energy; i.e. it should be forbidden.

The Tribunal therefore demanded the banning of nuclear power for civil and military uses, and the withdrawal by the United Nations of the mandate given to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to promote nuclear energy for commercial uses.

Our physician's organisation believes likewise that it is urgent and imperative that the World Health Organisation should terminate its Accord, signed in 1959 with the IAEA, and regain the complete control on the reports on health effect of radiation and set itself the regulations protecting health from the radiation hazards, which for the time beeing are dictated by the ICRP and imposed by the IAEA. As an annex, you will find this Accord (Res. WHA12.40, 28.5.1959), and a very troubling1958 WHO document.

The International Commission for Radiological Protection, (ICRP), has never been under the control of health professionals. Its voice should not be considered authoritative on health. It has never protested atmospheric nuclear testing, never demanded ventilation in uranium mines, never protested such excesses as shoe store use of X-rays or others.

The IAEA has obvious vested interests in its findings at Chernobyl. This explains why their conference : "Ten years afther Chernobyl" was totally controlled and biased as was found by the Permanent People's Tribunal.

We hope that these documents will be of interest and use for you, your delegation and your government, and we ask you, as the one holding the highest responsibility for the health of your people, to take action in the direction indicated by the Permanent People's Tribunal's Judgement, for instance by revoking Res WHA12-40.

Remaining at your disposal for any further question,
Yours very respectfully,
For PSR/IPPNW Switzerland :

Dr. med Monika Brodmann, President
Prof. Dr. med. Michel Fernex, Internat. Councillor