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Abolition 2000
Attachment: Abolition 2000 Advanced Notice

A Global Network to Eliminate Nuclear Weapons Formally established at an international meeting in the Hague/ The Netherlands on 5 November last year, this new network Currently consists of five elements:

I) Endorsing organisations - who have signed the NGO Abolition Caucus Statement of April 1995. By mid- January 1996, some 280 National and international NGOs have signed on. New signatures are collected by: Xanthe Hall, c/o IPPNW Germany, Kortestr. 10, D-10967 Berlin, Germany; Tel.: (49-30) 693 0244, Fax: (49-30) 693 8166, e-mail:

II) Working Groups through which the orqanisations cooperate on joint projects (see separate paragraph in this article)

III) A Clearinghouse which will collect and distribute information around the network - through all available channels - and to service and support the Working Groups.

IV) An Ad-hoc Clearinghouse Committee to ensure the effective functioning of the Clearinghouse, and in particular the fundraising for it. Members of the Ad-hoc Committee are:

Jane Bloomfield c/o CND Britain
162 Holloway Road
London N7 8DQ, UK
Tel.(44-171) 700 2349
Fax: (44-171) 700 2357
e-mail: or

Michael Christ, c/o IPPNW Central Office
126 Rogers Street
Cambridge MA 02142-1096, USA
Tel.(1-617)868 5050
Fax: (1-617) 868 2560, e-mail:

Colin Archer, c/o IPB, Rue de Zurich 41
CH-1201 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel. (41-22) 731 6429
Fax: (41-22)738 9419

Xanthe Hall, c/o IPPNW Germany
Kortestr. 10, D-10967
Berlin, Germany
Tel.: (49-30) 693 0244
Fax: (49-30) 693 8166

Reiner Braun, c/o INES (see BAN! letter-head)

Jackie Cabasso
c/o Western States Legal Foundation (WSFL)
1440 Broadway, Suite 500
Oakland CA 94612, USA
Tel.(1-510) 839 5877, Fax:(1-510) 839 5397

[co-opted:Pamela Meidell
World Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons
P.A. Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (NAPF)
1187 Coast Village Rd., #123
Santa Barbara CA 93108-2737,USA
Tel.(1-805) 965 3443
Fax: (1-805) 568 0466
e-mail: or]

V) An e-mail listserver, through which endorsing organisations may obtain and distribute documentation

Working Groups already established:


aims: to work for a nuclear weapon free zone in Europe; take the ICJ ruling to a conference for MEPs in Brussels; work with the OSCE on rejecting a nuclearized Common Foreign and Security Policy(CFSP)

Solanqe Fernex
MEP and Women for Peace France
F-68480 Biederthal, France
Tel.(33)8940 7183
Fax:(33) 8940 7804 or(32-2)284 9143
(note that S.Fernex is also the contact for IPB's Joint NGO Campaign on European Security)


The outcome so far is this Bulletin!

Pamela Meidell
p.a.Nuclear Age Peace Foundation(NAPF)
(address see above)

Use and Threat of Use of Nuclear Weapons

aims: to organised events on "Judgement Day"(when the ICJ delivers its opinion); revise the Declarations of Public Conscience and collect for submission to governments and local courts; work on the end of the Decade of International Law

Robert Green
c/o World Court Project UK
2 Chiswick House High Street
Twyford, Berks RGlO 9AG,UK
Tel./Fax:(44-1734)340 258


aims: to coordinate efforts around the 10th anniversary in April this year

Krista van Velzen and Pal d' Huyvetter
c/o For Mother Earth Belgium
Lange Steenstraat 16/D
B- 9000 Gent,Belgium
Tel.(32-9)233 3268
Fax:132-9)233 4924

Nuclear Weapons Convention(NWC)

aims: to work for a resolution in the UN General Assembly requesting the UN Conference on Disar- mament to commence neqotiations on a NWC; plan for an international NWC conference for 1997; support the Canberra Commission (see separate article in this BAN! issue); recommend IALANA, INESAP, Pugwash drafts; promote nuclear weapon-free zones

Dr Juergen Scheffran
Institut fur Kernphysik der Technischen Hochschule Darmstadt
SchloBgartenstr. 9
D-64289 Darmstadt,Germany
Tel.(49-6151)16-3016 or 16-4368
Internet WWW page: http:/


Janet Bloomfield,c/o CND Britain
(see under Ad- hoc Clearinghouse Cttee.)

Working Groups suggested (but no convener appointed yet):

Nuclear Testing

aims: work for preambular language on no new development of nuclear weapons; public education work on lab testing as vertical proliferation; encourage statements like that of Australia, saying that testing is illegal

Fissile Materials

Regional Nuclear Issues

Next Network Meeting, Edinburgh, 1-4 March 1996
Mainly, the next Network meeting is to discuss proposals by the Ad-hoc Clearinghouse Committee. All organisations who have signed the NGO Abolition Statement are invited to send representatives to this next meeting which will take place within the Edinburgh Peace Festival (an annual political and cultural programme spread over two weeks in March).

Here are the details:

Friday, March 1:
Press conference at 11am;
Civic Reception in the evening

Saturday March 2:
Conference"Managing Nuclear Disarmament
from 11.30 5pm.
Organizers: World Court Project UK and Scottish CND.
Speakers include: Prof Joseph Rotblat, Admiral Eugene Carroll, Robert Green, Prof Donald Mackenzie, Patricia Lewis, Maj-Britt Theorin MEP, Alyn Ware, Scilla Elworthy, Janet Bloomfield, Bruce Kent.

Sunday, March 3:
Meeting of the Abolition 2000 Network,
Queen's Hall, South Clerk St. from 10am. to 4pm. (the last two hours will be an open session for general public)
Classical musical concert at 7.30pm.

Monday, March 4:
Network Meeting Continued (from 10am. to 5pm.)

Further details:

Abolition 2000 proqramme:
Janet Bloomfield, c/o CND Britain
162 Holloway Road
London N7 8DQ
Tel.(44-171) 700 2393
Fax: (44-171)700 2357

Managing Nuclear Disarmament:
George Farebrother
67 Summerheath Road
Hailsham, Sussex BN27 3DR
Tel./Fax: (44-1323) 844 269

Overall Edinburgh Peace festival programme:
Alan Wilkie
10 Thomson Rd.
Currie, Midlothian EH14 5HP
Scotland, UK
Tel. Fax [44-131]449 3695

National news USA:

The address of the newly established national "Abolition 2000 Network"is:

c/o Economists Allied for Arms Reduction(ECAAR)
att:Alice Slater
25 West 45th St., #1402
New York NY 10036-4902
Tel.(1-212)768 2080
Fax:(1-212)768 2167


The former national NPT Coalition has changed its name into "Campaign for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons". Also, it decided to join the"Abolition 2000 Network" as a German network partner

Addresses: IPPNW German section
att: Xanthe Hall
D-10967 Berlin,Germany
Tel.:(49-30)693 0244, Fax: (49-30)693 8166

Peace Cooperative Network

(an umbrella for local and regional peace groups and other organizations)
Romerstr. 88
D-53111 Bonn, Germany
Tel.(49-228) 692 904/5
Fax:(49-228)692 906

Canberra Commission