About Nuclear Weapons

About Nuclear Waste:

Radioactivity is very dangerous. The life of radioactive waste from nuclear power plants is thousands of years. Breathing or swallowing radioactive particles, which you can neither see nor smell nor taste, can cause cancer. There have been many accidents already at existing nuclear power plants.

The United States government has plans to sell nuclear power plants to China and North Korea. The people of the United States have not allowed the start-up of a new nuclear plant in nearly two decades, because the people of the United States have been educated by activists and scientists about the dangers of nuclear energy. There is growing support for the shut-down of nuclear plants in the United States.

Many prototypes (models) of other types of energy systems which are clean and renewable have been built. The country which first decides to invest in mass-producing clean energy systems (such as wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass) will be in the forefront of an exciting and profitable new industry, one which will make that country popular at home and abroad. With the Year 2000 approaching, it is becoming obvious that countries not only must struggle to ensure "Y2K readiness" to avoid nuclear meltdowns at the turn of the century; without conversion to alternative energy, another nuclear disaster is only a matter of time.

About Nuclear Weapons:

People universally agree that they don't want to experience a nuclear war. Nevertheless, there continue to be many thousands of nuclear weapons in the arsenals of eight countries (France, Israel, India, Pakistan, Russia, UK, China, and US). A proposed law has been introduced into the US Congress each session since 1994 suggesting that the United States should agree to eliminate all its nuclear weapons if everyone else does, and will use the money saved instead to convert those industries into something clean and safe for society.

Please ask your government to do the following:

(1) Promise, "We will not build nuclear power plants, but instead will develop clean, renewable energy systems to replace the polluting fossil fuels."

(2) Promise, "We will get rid of nuclear weapons if everyone else does."