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September 24, 1996

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: A Commitment to the Future

The Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, long in coming, holds the seeds of real. increased security for the women of the world, their children and their extended families. As the nations of the world gather to sign the CTB. Women for Meaningful Summits congratulate all the diplomats who have spent so many long years of their lives working for this day.

We also call upon these same nations to act in accordance with the wishes of` their peoples and never again test nor further develop Nuclear weapons. Follow through and put this treaty into force!

The creativity and resources of our peoples must now be redirected to the reducrion of` nuclear stockpiles, the clean-up of the the environment. the nonviolent resolution of problems, and the improvement of the lives of families around the world. It is through these actions that the seeds of security we sow today can be nurtured and grown into the healthy peaceful communities of` tomorrow.


Anne Anderson President

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