Quoted from Las Vegas Review Journal, September 1997:

An earthquake of 4.0 magnitude shook the Nevada Test Site at 6:36am Friday, Sept 12, 1997. No damage was reported from the quake which was centered about 28 miles east of Beatty, NV, according to the seismological laboratory of the University of Nevada, Reno.

"It looks" (to Shundahai Network) "like this last earthquake is right within the proposed Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Dump area. You can note from the map of earthquakes that the NTS area has at least 7 earthquakes a week."

Map of all the past 50 earthquakes listed in Nevada

"It's in our backyard...its in our front yard.
This nuclear contamination is shortening all life.
We're going to have to unite as a people and say, "no more!"
We, the people, are going to have to put our thoughts together to save our planet here.
We only have One Water...One Air...One Mother Earth."

Corbin Harney, Newe (Western Shoshone) Spiritual Leader;
Founder and Executive Director, Shundahai Network

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