The Washington Times
August 22, 1985

The President's News

On November 27, 1984, President Reagan spoke with senior Editors of The Washington Times in an exclusive interview, the first he granted to a newspaper after being reelected. Toward the end of the interview, an editor asked "Mr. President ... we're gratified that apparently the Washington Times is amongst your morning reading. Is that true? " "Yes. Oh Yes!" replied the President.

On June 22, 1984, the New York Times reported remarks bv the President to visitors in the Rose Garden, "...and if you really want to get some history on this, so that I won't have to keep you standing here while I talk about it, when you leave here, get a copy of The Washington'll find some very interesting reading and at the same time, you'll have a complete knowledge of what the history of our attempts have been down through the years."