To: Property Officer Smith or Warren or others Whom it may concern

From: William Thomas

Re: Property of William Thomas at the D.C. Jail or in the custody of the Department of Corrections

I hereby authorize William Wardlaw, Mark Venuti, Ellen Thomas or Winifred Gallant to be custodians of my property and to take possession of any and all property of mine which is at the D.C. Jail or in the possession of the Department of Corrections. Please release this property to any of the above-named persons and upon doing so your responsibility over such property released will be terminated.

March 31, 1988

/s/W. Thomas

Date: ____
William Thomas

Signed and affirmed before me on the date above written.

_______Howard L. fry_____________

Notary Public or Official Witness

My Commission Expires March 7, 1992

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