Peace Park, Washington, D.C.
December, 1987

Dear Mr. And Mrs. Gorbachev,

We know your time here is short and crowded. Yet we dare to hope you will stop briefly at our peace signs in Lafayette (Peace) Park on your way to the White House, so we can thank you personally for helping to bring us all one step closer to a Nuclear Weapons-free planet.

Though the vigil's existence is threatened by ever-tightening regulations, we have peacefully stood firm for 6 1/2 years, an will remain here urging widsom, honesty, and active participation in the peace process for as long as we can... and must.

Today, we are more hopeful than ever that the day will arrive when we can all share equally in a sane, loving world. Your vision contributes to that dream.

We would be honored and energized by your visit.

Seasons Greetings in this season of hope...

Peace Park Anti-nuclear Vigil
at the White House

Thomas and Ellen Thomas