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NucNews is a compendium of news articles about nuclear, plutonium, uranium, radioactivity, arms sales, and wars, as well as good ideas -- alternative energy, environmental restoration, conversion of the war machines, and activism -- which we've posted without profit or payment for research and educational purposes only, in accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. section 107.

The philosophy behind NucNews:

Occasionally stories of real importance appear in the media, and the next day they're gone. In order to educate ourselves and others, we decided to create an archive. We have no preferences who uses this information.

We hope you will save NucNews on your own computer, and help spread or refute the information, so we can change the problems that need to be changed, applaud the good ideas, and create a better society.

We appreciate your sending us news articles. Please include the web address (URL), publication name, and date of the article and send it to NucNews Archives, and to the NucNews Editor

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