Proposition One


Some people don't believe the year 2000 is a plausible goal. We do. So, now, do hundreds of groups,including highly-respected scientists, physicians, educators, lawyers, human rights activists, environmentalists, and former military leaders, all part of a fast-growing network called Abolition 2000.
In 1986, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev publicly asserted that the elimination of nuclear weapons would be feasible by 2000. Spin doctors squashed the two Presidents' slip, when they emerged from a private meeting in Reykjavik, beaming, to announce that they had "agreed" to disarm nukes by 2000. The story was squashed after one airing.

Dr. Ted Taylor, a repenting nuclear physicist who spent his youth building nuclear bombs at Los Alamos, estimated in 1991 that dismantling and disabling all nuclear weapons could take place, with determination, "in less than a month." Of course, he added, it will take much longer than that to safely store the plutonium and clean up the environmental mess that's been made. All the more reason to get started quickly.

Dr. Taylor is featured in our video, "Proposition One: Reinventing Government," produced October 1994. Let us know if you want a copy.

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