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Student Questionnaire-Tell us What you Think!

A professional poll showed an astounding percentage (84% of the 1,000-plus constituents polled) want to abolish nuclear weapons. The majority of congressmen and senators have not heard from these people. Students have the ideals, energy, and contacts to make a big difference in encouraging people to write. Since 1994 there has been a bill in Congress which can begin the process of nuclear disarmament and economic conversion of the war machines. It's important that people know about it. We hope to encourage as many student activists as possible to help with an intensive Lobbying campaign that will reach every voting district in the country.

Our strategy is a blend of personal contact at our Anti-nuclear Vigil in Lafayette Park (24 hours a day since 1981); and follow-up with students, through e-mail and networking.

We encourage students to develop phone trees, table with fliers and posters at concerts and student centers, network by email, call radio talk shows, put up posters, and whatever other creative ideas can be found to educate others about significant activities and progress, such as:
Contact student clubs at universities; educate yourself with NucNews; recruit volunteers to help table and circulate petition and questionnaire; distribute results to interested activists via email and your own website. You can sign our petition online at Be sure to add your own comments! Be sure to ask others to sign it, too! (Signatures have been accruing since January 23, 2000.)
Write letters to the editor of DC and your own local newspapers about the legislation now in Congress.

Especially in an election year, it's important to go to public events with Congressional candidates and pose serious questions such as, "Will you agree to get rid of nuclear weapons globally, and to convert the war industries into mass-producing clean energy systems and other human needs? Will you agree to co-sponsor Eleanor Holmes Norton's 'Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act' when it is re-introduced into the U.S. House of Representatives next session? Will you introduce it into the Senate? Will you support it as President?" You get the idea.

Please help us formulate the most effective strategies. All ideas and suggestions will be appreciated. Bookmark and visit this site regularly for updates.

We really look forward to working with you. Get in touch soon!
Ellen Thomas
Proposition One Committee
PO Box 27217, Washington DC 20038 USA
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