Deadly Radiation Hazards USA was researched, compiled, designed and prepared by Louise Franklin-Ramirez and John Steinbach. The authors wish to thank the following individuals and organizations for helping make this project possible:

William Arkin; Rosalie Bertell; Vernon Brechin; Irene Bush; Jackie Cabasso; Rodney Case; Thomas Cochran; Cooper Brown; Desmond Chen; Barry Commoner; Dewitt Davis; Doris Dawson; Sam Day; Daniel Ellsberg; Charlotte Flynn; Carol Gerson; Jay Gould; Paul Gunther; Corbin Harney; Leone Hayes; Dixie Horning; Cynthia Johnson; Judith Johnsrud; Michio Kaku; Darrell Kimball; Jackie Kittrell; Margaret LeMelle; Marge Lueders; Michael Litt; Mark Lockley; Damacio Lopez; John MacKinney; David McReynolds; Michael Mariotte; Karl Morgan; Stan Norris; Egan O'Connor; Mary Olson; Jeff Sea; Stephen I. Schwartz; Ernest Sternglass; Ellen Thomas; Bonnie Urfer; Edith Villastrigo; Harvey Wasserman; Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists; Critical Mass Energy Project; Department of Defense; Department of Energy; Environmental Ptotection Agency; Greenpeace; Gray Panrhers; MiIitary Production Network; Natural Resources Defense Council; Nevada Agencyfor Nuclear Projects; Nuclear Infonnation and Resaurce Service, Nuclear Regulatary Commission; Nukewatch; Physicians for Social Responsibility; Progressive Alliance for Community Empowennent; Public Interest Research Group; Sanford Cohen & Associates; Shundahai House; Taskforce On Radiarion & Human Rights; Universify ofthe District of Columbia; War Resisters League.

We want to especially acknowledge Helen Caldicott for using the first edition of Deadly Radiation Hazards in her path breaking book Nuclear Madness, and for her support for this project. We want to recognize John Waring for his invaluable help in coordinating research for the map and database, and Proposition One Committee for preparing the web version.

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