Carla B. Newbre
P.O. Box 24715
Eugene, OR 97402
(503) 345-7366; FAX (503) 465-2140

Jim Lyons
Assistant Secretary for Natural Resources and the Environment
Department of Agriculture, Room 217 E
1401 & Independence SW
Washington, D.C. 20250

Re: Rainbow family-- non-vested capacity respective to revisions to 36 CFR 251 & 261

December 16, 1993

Dear Mr. Lyons,

It has come to my attention that you may have been approached by groups or individuals implying that they speak for the Rainbow family respective to revisiions to 36 CFR 251 8t 261. There have been many individuals over the years who have caused confusion at Rainbow Gatherings and throughout the rest of the year by acting as though they held a position of power or that they spoke for the family as a whole. Ordinarily, folks who imply that they have a vested position, or any other sort of "official standing," in the family am simply a nuisance and no more need be said.

However, in the past few months there has been a certain group of individuals who have misrepresented themselves as being in a vested position of dictating Rainbow family policy and legal strategy respective to the revisions to 36 CFR. They call themselves, among other things, Legaliaison - D.C. Crew; Lobbyliaison; People for Compassion and Understanding; Peace Park; Proposition One; etc. They use as a return address P.O. Box 27217, Washington, D.C. 20038.

What makes them different from other people who have professed to hold some special power or position within the Rainbow family is that, in their zeal to fight the revisions to 36 CFR, they have implied, as well, that the Rainbow family is open to some sort of compromise regulatory activity such as an Operating Plan. Due to their relative lack of Gathering experience and a failure to understand how Rainbow group process works, they have become something of an embarrassment to many of us who have been working on these issues for several years. It is my understanding that they have recently requested a meeting with your office in order to present their case.

This letter informs you that neither this group, any other group, nor any individual, is vested nor may be vested in any manner to represent, speak for, or be empowered to negotiate the interests of the Rainbow Gathering or any of its attending family.

Naturally, I would welcome any return correspondence from you on this matter. And, although no individual or group may speak for Rainbow family interests, there is nevertheless a consensed-to address in Nacogdoches, Texas where you and others may address your concerns and/or opinions. Be assured that all opinions and concerns directed to the Rainbow Family Tribal Council through this office will be brought to all of our attention at our annual Gathering, 1-7 July (and will not be responded to until then).

Legaliaison Office
c/o 3029 Woden Rd.
Nacogdoches, TX 75961

Thank you for your time and attention.
Peace, Love, and Light,
Carla B. Newbre

cc: Legaliaison Office, Nacogdoches, Texas

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