Baker County Standard

Macclenny, Florida
February 21, 1996

Laughing Man: "Everyone with a bellybutton is a Rainbow"

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your Feb.7 article on the Rainbow Family. Unlike the other local paper, you gave a balanced and fair portrayal of my family, and stressed the positive attributes of the Rainbow family of Living Light.

I invite all kind local brothers and sisters to our gathering to camp out or at least visit some of our kitchens named Kind Lovin' Vibration, One Love, Granola Funk, and Kiddie Village.

As for our signing a permit, we believe the 1st Amendment is the only permit we need to gather in our publicly-owned forests, and once we give up this fundamental right it becomes an arbitrary privilege and gives the Forest SErvice the power to decide when or if we gather. We have taken the U.S. government to court twice in the 80's over the issue and won and we will continue to gather on public lands whether we win in court this time or not.

As for your local sheriff requesting other police forces, and the talk of using the National Guard, I feel he is extremely overreacting and is wasting taxpayers money to create a police state surrounding a group of peaceful hippies in a remote part of the Osceola Forest.

The federal government and police con not stop Rainbow. Although, not officially recognized by the U.S. government we are recognized by the Native American people as a nomadic tribe and part of Indian prophesy that speack of a time when the earth is ravaged and the white man's children walk the red man's path and speak of Love as the healer of the earth.

We may be arrested or harassed by brothers with badges and guns for our beliefs but the Rainbow Family will continue to grow in love and in numbers.

Thanks again!!! Peace & Love.

Laughing Man (Ha!)
Osceola Forest

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