U.S. v Johnson, LeTempt, Pike and Gallagher

Contents for F1469799, F1789813, F1790048, F1469792
Western District of North Carolina

Sept. 4, 1996
Motion for Discovery

Sept. 27, 1996
List of Motions

October 11, 1996
Background of the Case

October 23, 1996
Motion to Dismiss
Supplemental Motion for Disclosure

October 29, 1996
Preliminary and Partial Answer
Essential Elements
Defendant's Motion to Dismiss
Question to the Court

November 7, 1996
Motion to Set Aside Verdict
Judges Order
Renewed Motion for Disclosure
Motion to Dismiss

November 15, 1996
Notice of Appeal

November 25, 1996
Judges Order

December 10, 1996

December 12, 1996
Docketing Statement
Transcript Order
Certificate of Service

December 18, 1996
Judges Order

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