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Subject: Rainbow Family Gathering

Reply to: 2700 August Regional Rainbow Gathering
Date: August 27, 1996

To: Bill Baxter
Joseff Geenfeather

Dear Bill and Joseff,

On August 22, 1996, Mark Goebl, Dale Dunshie, Steve Burd and I met with you at your Welcome Home Site in a gravel pit along FR 116. We discussed with you the requirement for a non-commercial group use permit under 36 CFR 261.10J. We presented you with a permit application at that time.

Subsequently, I have met with you on several occasions to re-emphasize the importance of having a signed permit for your group activity. On August 24, 1996 I provided you with another group use application and special use permit for signature. To date I have not received the signed application or permit. I am requesting that you do so. You may do so as an individual, if you wish. You would be signing as an agent for the group, and would not assume personal responsibility for the group's actions (See 60 Federal Register 45274, 45286-87).

I appreciate the efforts you have made in the early days of the Gathering to implement a site operating plan. As you know, your group is in a sensitive area and every effort needs to be made to protect both natural and heritage resources. I look forward to your cooperation in this regard during the Gathering and during site rehabilitation.


J. Schultz

District Ranger

[Hand written addition to original letter] Typed for reading purposes:

On Aug 29, 1996, I personally delivered a signed copy of this letter to Mr. Bill Baxter and Mr. Joseff Greenfeather at the site of the Rainbow Gathering in Limestone tpwnship in Warren Co. Present at the time of personal delivery was F.S. officer Lenore Crippa. Delivery was at 10:30 AM at the CALM (First Aid) location.

Mark J. Goebl 8/28/96