A. Transportation

1. Rainbow Family Council agrees to mark access routes, parking areas, or special safety requirements as needed with signs.

2. Rainbow Family Council will outline access routes and parking areas that are agreed upon by the Forest Service and Rainbow Family. The following parking and traffic routing system has been developed:

FR 543: Road will serve as principle permanent parking area for the Gathering. Rainbow Council will utilize available space along the road and in open areas on either side of road. Parking will not be allowed on private land on west end of road (beyond gates without landowner permission. FR 119 Road will remain open at all times. Parking will be restricted. Closed unnumbered roads leading south from FR 119 will not be used for vehicle access into the interior of the site. FR 250 This road will remain closed with parking restricted. FR 116 Road will remain open at all times. Parking will be restricted.

Gravel Pit # 1 Will serve as Welcome Home Site and Bus Village. Gravel Pit # 2 (.7 mi. south of Welcome Home Site) will serve as day use parking.

Roads agreed upon for parking will be kept open to allow access by emergency and administrative vehicles. Family members will organize and direct the parking of vehicles in agreed upon areas. Should demand for parking exceed agreed upon space, Forest Service and Family Council will agree upon the provision of additional parking area.

B. Camp and Area Layout

The camp should be designed as much as possible to reduce the environmental impacts to the meadows and the Surrounding area while providing logical use patterns.

1. All motorized vehicles (3-wheelers, trailbikes, 4-wheel drives) are prohibited behind gates, in the gathering site and on associated trails, except for designated parking areas.(see above)

2.The signing of facilities, activities, services, and travel routes in the gathering area will be done by the Rainbow Family as necessary.


Social and Economic Consideration

Rainbow Family Council will establish contact with local agencies, businesses, and organizations to arrange for services and supplies as needed.


1. Rainbow Family Council will remove and dispose of all non-organic and non-burnable garbage from the gathering site and parking areas, and dispose of in an approved landfill.


2. Following the gathering, the cleanup crew will pick up all paper, trash, cigarette butts, etc. and leave the Site in a clean, naturally appearing condition. Materials from fire rings will be scattered at random.

3. After the gathering, all disturbed areas will be revegetated using the following method: Compacted areas will have the soil broken up by raking or hoeing, 10 pounds to the acre of grass seed (5 lb. orchard grass and 5 lb. timothy) will be planted on bare earth. Natural materials like branches, twigs. stones or logs will be scattered over seeded areas as available. This will be done on trails, parkings areas and among camps.

The Rainbow Family Council shall be responsible for the prevention of soil erosion and gullying and shall assign work groups to take whatever measures are necessary to correct problems in this area. Corrective actions will be jointly discussed and agreed upon by the Forest Service and Rainbow Family Council.

Materials from all structures (timbers, stones, mud) will be scattered and dispersed randomly to achieve a natural appearance after the gathering.

Toilet locations will be reclaimed by filling and compacting with local earth material.

1. Rainbow Family Council will be responsible for emergency medical service coordination through local hospitals. A list of emergency contacts is attached to this agreement.

2. The Family will be responsible for their own security on the site and in parking areas.

The Family will maintain a Volunteer 1iason council for agreement/administrative matters concerning the Forest Service.

4. The Rainbow Family Council agrees to complete all rehabilitation work and vacate the site by September 6, with extensions as necessary to complete work as agreed upon by the Forest Service and Family.


Alcoholics Anonymous 814-726-2345

Dept. Human Services: Mental Health Program 814-723-1832

Erie County Rape Crisis Center. Inc. 800-352-7273

(Also YWCA 814-723-6350)

Especially for Diabetics 814-723-9747

Forest/Warren Dept of Human Services 814-726-2100

Warren County Drug & Alcohol Task Force 814-723-9440

Warren General Hospital 814-723-3300

Warren Pastoral Counseling Center 814-723-2231

Child Abuse Hotline 800-932-0313


Warren Borough 72302700 723-4200 723-3550

Warren County 723-7553 723-7100 723-3550

Sheffield 968-5610 968-3251 968-3251

Idiote 484-7446 484-3535 484-3555

Youngsville 563-7555 563-7511 563-7511

Penna State Police 814-723-8880

Pittsburgh Poison Control Center 412-681-6669

Burn Center - Shrines of Erie 814-452-4164


J R. SCHULTZ, District Ranger