Forgive the Redundancy


Wyoming, 1994 (Reality Check, pg. 2, lower left hand corner):

"I'm sorry, but I can't concede to the wishes of those who would like to see me use this paper to re-insert the political shit and verbiage of the last few years in order to expose Thomas and the D.C. crew and supporters - even after seeing their Almost Free Publication, and/or in defense of myself. All I can say is I probably could have left out "Rainbow - Rainbow - Rainbow - Position Statement" even though it was signed for the East Texas family and not any one else, and surely not in the name of any politically correct bigots. Only the East Texas Family can have a bitch with me, and that not being the case: all P.C.B's can F.O. and D. --

Facilitating Editor
(I.e., "General" Principal)