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Ample Alternative Channels for Communication.

Approximately 27 respondents felt that the proposed regulation does not leave open ample alternative channels of communication. These respondents stated that there is no adequate substitute for peaceable assembly as a form of communication; without a permit, a proposed activity could not occur on National Forest System lands; and that the Rainbow Family is not an organized group and has no other place to go.


The Department disagrees with these comments.

The final rule leaves open ample alternative channels of communication. The final rule does not restrict, and is not intended to restrict, freedom of thought or expression. Nor does the final rule prohibit any expressive activities. Rather, the final rule requires a special use authorization for noncommercial group uses on the national forests. Moreover, Sec. 251.54(h)(2) of the final rule provides that if an application is denied and an alternative time, place, or manner will allow the applicant to meet all the evaluation criteria, the authorized officer shall offer that alternative.


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