General Comments

Amendments to Part 261

In addition to the changes to 36 CFR part 251, subpart B, the proposed rule incorporated corollary changes to the rules at 36 CFR part 261, subpart A, which contain general prohibitions in effect for the National Forest System.

The proposed rule changed the authority citation for part 261 to consolidate the references. The proposed rule also changed the definitions and prohibitions in part 261, subpart A, governing occupancy and use to make them consistent with the provisions in part 251, subpart B, that require a special use authorization for commercial, but not noncommercial, distribution of printed material.

Comments on these provisions of the proposed rule and the Department's response to them follow.

Section 261.2--Definitions

The proposed rule added definitions for ``Distribution of printed material'' and ``Printed material.'' Since the Department has limited the prohibitions in Secs. 261.10 (g) and (h) and 261.14 to commercial distribution of printed material, the Department has added to Sec. 261.2 the same definition for ``Commercial use or activity'' as has been added to Sec. 251.51 of the final rule.

Section 261.10

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