David continued to bombard Dr. Khan with questions, until there came a point when Kahn told David about some research papers which were available. Although the documents were totally unclassified, and actually came from the public domain, due to DoE security regulations, Dr. Khan was not permitted to mail David the documents before submitting them to a lengthy security clearance. However, Dr. Khan explained, it would be permissible for him to view the documents if David visited his office.

Isolated in the mountains of Tehachapi, it would be a Long March for David to make the visit. Naturally, David contacted his man in D.C., who was still reluctant to look like a jackass.

"I don't understand this stuff, David. What am I going to say to this guy?"

"He's a scientist. He calls this the 'Holy Grail'. He says it's 'scientifically feasible'. He says there have been eight patents issued. Just look at the papers he has ... ask him some questions."