Bulletin for the Abolition of Nuclear Weapons

1996 Issues:


Article Listing

Editorial Introduction - (Jan)
Editorial: Ridding the World of Nuclear Weapons (Feb)
Abolition 2000
Abolition 2000 Network. (Jan)
Attachment: Abolition 2000 Advanced Notice (Jan)
3rd African lPPNW Regional Meeting (Feb)
African Nuclear Free Zone (Feb)
Britain: Atomic Mirror Pilgnmage 1996(Feb)
British contribution to the counterproliferation strategy (Feb)
Canberra Commission (Jan)
Canberra Commission First Meeting (Feb)
Chinese plans for a nuclear test (Jan)
Conferences & meetings (Jan)
CTBT Negotiations (Jan)
CTBT Negotiations (Feb)
Dr Chris Busby: Wings of Death (Feb)
8th European Students Meeting, 1-4 May 1996 (Feb)
France: Fifth nuclear test (Jan)
France: Sixth test and Chirac's "new policy" (Feb)
France: Peace March and Scientific Forum on the megajoule laser (Feb)
lPPNW World Congress (Feb)
G-7 nuclear security summit in April (Feb)
Germany: lPPNW postcard-writing campaign (Feb)
Is India to prepare nuclear testing? (Jan)
Kazakhstan (Jan)
The Micro-Nukes Conspiracy (Feb)
News on the Fissile Talks (Feb)
Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) (Feb)
Sweden: reclaiming used nuclear fuels? (Feb)
US plutonium exports (Feb)
US "sub-critical" testing (Jan)
USA: A Letter from the American Peace Community (Feb)
Useful publications (Jan)
World Court Project update:
Statement of Joseph Rotblat (Jan)
Meetings (Jan)

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