USDC Cr. No. 84-3552


I, Philip Joseph, hereby depose and state that:

1. I was named Philip Joseph Guerrieri II at birth, but had no choice in that matter.

2. It is my religious belief, based upon my interpretation of the Bible (see Genesis; 3rd Chapter), that the ability to distinguish between Good and Evil is what determines whether a man is Godlike or demonic. My religious faith also places certain moral burdens upon me as an individual. Those moral burdens are summed up as: "Love the Creator before all else, and my neighbor as myself." I strive for perfection in that regard.

3. After many years of soul searching and observation of my environment I concluded that the lifestyles of my father and family did not agree with my moral precepts. Therefore I chose to exercise my Free Will (ibid), and chose to symbolically sever myself from the ways of my worldly father by abandoning his name, and taking a name which had significance for me. Whereupon I became simply Philip Joseph.

4. On Tuesday, December 9, 1986, at approximately 4:55 pm, Lt. Irwin of the U.S. Park Police arrived at Lafayette Park in a U.S. Park Police vehicle. He parked on the north side of Pennsylvania Avenue, near the center of Lafayette Park, and in the immediate vicinity of several round-the-clock vigils being held in that area. It was raining.

5. Lt. Irwin exited the car and proceeded towards the vigil signs maintained by Robin White and Andi Hammerman. Lt. Irwin pulled a piece of plastic off Robin White, exposing him to the rain. Lt. Irwin stated that Mr. White was not allowed to have the plastic because he was creating a structure with the plastic.

6. Next Lt. Irwin proceeded to the signs maintained by Stephen Semple. Lt. Irwin took a piece of plastic off Mr. Semple, repeating his position about structures.

7. Lt. Irwin then proceeded towards me at my demonstration site. My demonstration consisted of assorted foods and drinks with a sign which read "FREE STORE." Lt. Irwin told me to take the food away and that I was not allowed to have the food or drinks in the park.

8. I replied that I would not remove it because it was my demonstration against tax dollars spent on military hardware rather than people, which results in homelessness and hunger in the world.

9. Lt. Irwin then proceeded to check the signs maintained by Jim Evans and Charles Hyder, those maintained by William and Ellen Thomas, and those maintained by Concepcion Picciotto.

10. During that time I made a sign, approximately ten inches by one foot, with a Magic Marker on a piece of styrofoam.

11. Lt. Irwin returned to his vehicle. During this time Lt. Irwin was assisted by USPP officer Woods. Another officer, unknown to me, arrived with a camera and proceeded to photograph the area around the signs.

12. I was displaying my hand-held sign on the south sidewalk of Lafayette Park facing Pennsylvania Avenue.

13. Lt. Irwin again exited his parked vehicle and took the sign out of my hands. He broke the sign into pieces.

14. I stated that his actions in destroying the sign were unlawful.

15. "So what. I did it," Lt. Irwin replied. He then returned to his vehicle with the remnants of my sign.

I declare, under penalty of perjury, that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and recollection.

Executed this____day of ___________, 1986,

Philip Joseph

Case Listing --- Proposition One ---- Peace Park