USDC Cr. No. 84-3552

     Plaintiff Pro Se    
versus                          CA 84-3552
                                Judge Louis Oberdorfer
UNITED STATES, et al     

ON NOVEMBER 21, 1986

I, William Thomas, plaintiff pro se in the above entitled action, hereby declare under penalty of perjury that the following is accurate and correct to the best of my recollection and understanding.

1. During the afternoon of November 10, 1986, I was engaged in the same activity in which I have been engaged since June 3, 1981 (see Memorandum in Support of the Motion for Joinder of Claims Against Lt. Hugh Irwin).

2. At one point I left Lafayette Park for less than four minutes before returning to the south central sidewallk of the Park where there are several signs which measure four foot x four foot, and are used by myself, the White House Antinuclear Vigil, and the Peace Park Antinuclear Vigil to communicate with the public on issues of broad public concern.

3. Upon my return to the area of the signs I noticed that U.S. Park Police Lt. Hugh Irwin was standing near two signs, one of which announced the number of days (44) since my friend Charles Hyder had eaten any food. The other sign addressed respect for the planet, and the sorry choice of radioactive material.

4. After I had stood next to Lt. Irwin for a couple of minutes in silence, I asked him why he was there.

5. He told me that he was going to confiscate "this stuff."

6. I inquired, "Why?"

7. Lt. Irwin said because it was "unattended," in violation of 36 CFR 50.19(e)(11)(12).

8. There were several articles (not mine) in the immediate area. I told Lt. Irwin that I had no objection if he wanted to confiscate the articles. I also informed him that I was watching the signs.

9. Lt. Irwin insisted that the signs were "unattended."

10. I suggested that if he wanted to punish me for being more than 3 feet away from the sign I had been attending that he should issue me a citation rather than to confiscate the signs because I was presently "attending" them.

11. "You're not here." Lt. Irwin told me.

12. U.S. Park Police officer Lanata arrived on the scene at about that time. She was joined by several other officers who arrived some minutes later.

13. At the instruction of Lt. Irwin one of the signs was seized by a police officer. I held the other side of the sign.

14. At that time Lt. Irwin applied pressure to my neck and the back of my head until I blacked out, and fell to the sidewalk.

15. I was placed under arrest.

16. Subsequently, on November 11, 1986, I was informed that the charges against me had been dropped, and I was released from custody.

17. Both of the signs which I was attending had very great value. One sign addressed the issue of loving the Earth, and urged humanity to choose Life rather than nuclear holocaust, the other sign communicated to the public the stage of Charles Hyder's fast. The loss of that sign may diminish the length or effectivness of my friend's life.

Respectfully submitted this _____ day of _________, 1986.

William Thomas, Plaintiff Pro Se
1440 N Street NW, #410
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 462-3542

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