USDC Cr. No. 84-3552

William Thomas
1440 N Street NW, Apt. #410
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 462-0757

March 31, 1987
Dear Ms. Alley:

This is to inform you that on March 23, 1987 U.S. Park Service employee Phil Walsh hand delivered to my demonstration site in Lafayette Park two pages, photocopied under a U.S. Interior Department letterhead, and bearing the heading "Permit Conditions." This document appeared over your signature and bore a date stamp of March 20, 1987.

A second copy of that same "document" was hand delivered to me in Lafayette Park by U.S. Park Service employee Frank Duncan on March 24, 1987.

On March 26, 1987 Frank Duncan hand delivered what he identified as a revised edition of the aforesaid document, under the undated signature of Al Dale, which included phone numbers.

Due to what I would describe as the draconian enforcement by the Park Police of petty regulations against myself and others, I have been compelled to deal with certain results of that abuse of police power in court. I regret that I have not had the opportunity to respond to your document prior to this, but that delay has been due entirely to the intense police harassment.

After in-depth consideration it appears to me that your document:

A. "especially note(s three) activities that are prohibited in all park areas" (listed in your "document" as "1," "2," and "7") and,

B. "imposes (nine) additional conditions on all demonstrations occurring in Lafayette Park."

FIRST items "1" and "2" of your especially prohibited activities bear absolutely no relation to any activity in which either myself, my wife Ellen, or, to the best of my knowledge, any other individual is involved in Lafayette Park. Of more immediate importance is the fact that your third (#"7") especially prohibited activity, "camping," defined by both your document and the Code Of Federal Regulations as "using park land for living accommodation purposes," is also absolutely unrelated to any activities in which Ellen or myself are engaged (SEE Declaration of William Thomas, attached hereto). It seems a serious problem has arisen in that Park Police officials are utilizing totalitarian police state tactics, under color of the "camping" regulation, in a concerted effort to interfere with or terminate our efforts to promote a philosophy of "Peace through Reason" in opposition to the philosophy of "Peace through Strength" (read: force and violence), a policy publicly promoted by the administration of this Government. I believe that this alleged effort is accomplished by 1) mis-defining "camping" as "sleeping," and 2) charging a violation of the "camping" regulation upon the simple premise that we are "apparently sleeping."

SECOND none of the nine (9) "additional conditions" imposed by your document bear any RATIONAL relationship to the activities in which Ellen or myself have been engaged.

Moreover on March 20, 1987, while Dr. James Evans, Robert Dorrough, and I were in the process of assembling a speakers' platform, pursuant to an NPS DEMONSTRATION PERMIT, numerous Park Police officers, under the direct supervision of Lt. Hugh Irwin, confiscated (under color of "abandoned property") and refused to return three 1" x 6" boards which we intended to use immediately for mounting three electronic speakers.

It is my position that ... in addition to actually terminating the NPS permitted activity in which we were lawfully engaged ... the actions of the Park Police were arbitrary, capricious, abusive, unreasonable, irrational, damaging to myself and others, and, thereby, wrong.

We feel that the best interests of all concerned parties will be served if this issue is resolved in writing.

We also think that if your office continues to condone, or fails to halt, the arbitrary and unreasonable abuse of police authority as outlined above, not only will you be acting, in principle, contrary to the most fundamental precepts of civiliza- tion and sanity, and to the detriment of individual freedom and personal excellence, but also in violation of at least two Constitutional Amendments and several U.S. statutes.

Therefore I request that you take appropriate steps to insure we are no longer subjected to being charged with violations of the "camping" regulation under color of sleeping, and that the Park Police cease and desist from seizing, under color of "abandoned property," materials which we are lawfully and harmlessly utilizing for communicating an issue of broad public concern, and to stop sending us documents which bear no relation to anything we are doing.

Your Friend,

William Thomas

Donald Hodel
Manus Fish
Richard Robbins
Patricia Bangert
Lynn Herring

Case Listing --- Proposition One ---- Peace Park