"I've got a question. There's all this vague talk about somebody 'speaking for the Family,' but nobody's naming any names. Why doesn't somebody just come right out and directly accuse somebody of 'speaking for the Family'? Who did it?"

"You did it, Thomas," Chuck, in touch with the Old Family network, said.

"When?" Thomas asked. After Chuck didn't answer, Thomas asked, "Can anybody give a specific instance where I spoke for the Family, Does anybody have a letter, or any evidence?"

Chuck, perhaps realising that the Old Network had misinformed him, apologized.

"Let me show you an example of someone speaking for the Rainbow Family." Thomas held up a copy of Almost Free. "Here is a copy of a letter, entitled positio1.htm RAINBOW - RAINBOW - RAINBOW, Position Statement, and it is signed by S. Principle, Legaliaison, Nacogdoches. Here's my problem, Steven and I are supposed to be working for the same thing, but Steven won't even talk to me, and I get accused of doing stuff that he's actually doing."

There was a short silence.