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We thought you might like to know something about our award-winning web domain, which keeps getting bigger. The buttons at the bottom of the page will help you find your way back where you began. Here's a description of the buttons and where they lead:

"GUIDE" - Displays the left button bar, "Domain Guide."

"PROP1" - Proposition One home page.

"PEACE PARK" - History of Lafayette (Peace) Park.

"FS REGS" - Current situation in the National Forests, permit requirements and arrests.

"LEGAL" - A history of significant attacks on free thought, expression, and assembly, in Peace Park.

"ENERGY" - Struggle for an efficient energy system (1998->).

"NUCLEAR" - Continuously updated information about nuclear issues (also can use "ANTI-NUCLEAR" on left button bar).

"DEMOCRACY" - The meaning of government misbehavior; information about Pennsylvania Avenue Closure in 1995; Lafayette Park closures over the years; regulations; correspondence with the Department of Interior etc.; and Thomas' response to Washingtonian article about the ACLU and DOI partnership, entitled "Troublemakers."

Be sure you check out:

* Campus Outreach Project: A living, growing lobby center where student activists can learn about lobbying, organizing initiative campaigns, and lots of facts about nuclear weapons negotiations, safety, and activities worldwide. Please let us know if you would like to help us circulate these materials on campus(es).

* See sample letter you can use to Lobby Your Congressperson.

* Nuclear Accidents and Safety: a growing list of accidents since the beginning of nuclear technology. We're appealing to everyone to send us verifiable information about nuclear and military accidents (newspaper clippings, official reports, lawsuits, etc.).

* NucNews: Archives of nuclear, plutonium, uranium, and radioactivity news gleaned from a variety of newspapers online. Be sure you say "subscribe to NucNews" in the subject line. NucNews Archive goes back to January, 1998; some older information can be obtained by writing to us.

* We've posted a huge number of nuclear weblinks - key among them "Abolition 2000," which we hope you will join: a coalition of over a thousand international groups join in calling for a global Convention to ban all nuclear weapons during the year 2000. Click on "A-Z Antinuclear Weblinks."

* Click on "Current Vigil" for regular updates.

We're continually updating this information. We appreciate suggestions and questions. Please let us know what you think!!

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