Public View of Forest Service Regulations

11/8/96Email From: Scott Addison
11/96Katula Trial Report
10/31/96Halloween Bad Dream | Response Email From: Carla Newbre
9/95 Editorial | Freedom of Peaceable Assembly | Letter
3/8/95Thomas Letter to Whole World Press
2/95New Policy Directions
1/95Freedom of Assembly Project
Fall 1994Group Use Rules...REVIEW
8/12/94Town Hall Response - Scott Addison
8/94A year or so in the trenches
8/94Waco the Policy
Summer 1994Petition against Forest Service Regulations
7/94Slant on Circles
7/5/94Big Piney PCU Consensus
7/94Article by Little White Owl - 94 Always Free
2/94Son of Frankenregs
Dec. 1993People for Compassion and Understanding Update
12/93Legal Land Use Review
9/27/93Rainbow Position Statement, Rainbow Elder Statesman
7/26/93PCU Update
7/14/93Legaliaison Council Agenda
6/17/93Rainbow/Legaliaison Update
6/13/93Letter from William Thomas to Carla Newbre
6/6/93End of the Rainbow
6/3/93Email from: William Thomas
6/93Prayer for Unity
5/20/93Freedom of Thought and Assembly Alert
5/18/93Rainbow/Legaliaison Update
5/15/93Rainbow/Legaliaison Alert
3/30/93Rainbow/Legaliaison Update
2/25/93Rainbow/Legaliaison Update
2/20/93Declaration of Understanding
Letter to Cathy Way
Appendix A - Letter to Marian Connelly | 1991 Vermont Summary
Appendix B - Why We Don't Sign Permits
Appendix C - Letter to Forest Service | Response | Letter from OMB
1/30/93Rainbow/Legaliaison Update
Rainbow/Legaliaison Update
Action Primer | Sample Letter-Petition
1/10/92Letter to Michael Espy
1/10/91Rainbow/Legaliaison Update
11/9/90Rainbow/Legaliaison Update
2/26/90Rainbow/Legaliaison Update
8/16/88Letter From Legaliaison to Dale Robertson: Chief USFS

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