Shundahai Network


Shundahai Network is committed to supporting NAS and NADA in any way we can. We have currently committed at least one full time staff position from now until the end of April to help organize and facilitate these events. We will continue to do international outreach through our Washington DC office while opening an office in Las Vegas by the beginning of March to solidify logistical coordination.

Shundahai is committed to fundraising for NAS and NADA through grant writing, direct mailing, and tabling donations. Shundahai Network has currently raised $2700 to get us started in our organizing efforts.

Our current breakdown for this money is:
December Las Vegas groundwork organizing trip - $ 500
Shundahai Newsletter dedicated to next April - $1000
Shundahai Network Office Support - $ 500
NAS and NADA brochure - $ 300
January organizational mailing - $ 200
Healing Global Wounds support - $ 200

What ever money we raise specifically for NAS and NADA from now on will be managed by the Budget Committee.

The Nuclear Abolition Summit and Nuclear Abolition Day of Action are a way for us to strengthen a cohesive movement focusing on a unified agenda of Nuclear Abolition that will benefit all generations to come. We hope that you will be able to attend these exciting events or contribute to their success some way in your local area.

For a Nuclear Free Future!

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