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Re: NUCLEAR ABOLITION SUMMIT, (NAS) April 1-4, Las Vegas - Nevada Test Site and NUCLEAR ABOLITION DAY OF ACTION (NADA). April 8, Nevada Test Site

Dear Friends,

On November 18, at a meeting of the Nuclear Abolition Network in Philadelphia, Shundahai invited the Network to hold its April organizers meeting at the Nevada Test Site (NTS) in solidarity with the Western Shoshone Nation and all the groups that are working to stop the Subcritical Hydro Dynamic Nuclear explosions planned to begin this summer (June 18, 1996) and stop the ongoing transportation of nuclear waste into NTS. That invitation has blossomed into this current plan of action.

Shundahai Network, and a growing coalition headed by Peace Action and Peace Action Education Fund, are moving full steam ahead in our efforts to organize the Nuclear Abolition Summit (April 1-4, LV-NTS), and Nuclear Abolition Day of Action (April 8, NTS).

These events will be held in conjunction with Healing Global Wounds Spring Gathering (April 4-7, NTS) and the Lenten Desert Experience Holy Week Walk from Las Vegas to NTS. (March 31-April 5)

The Nuclear Abolition Summit: Breaking the Nuclear Chain, 1996 and Beyond, is envisioned as an all encompassing working meeting, combining organizational networking and strategic planning for strengthened grassroots activism on nuclear issues.

All groups working on issues relating to the Nuclear Chain are encouraged to participate. Through a combination of small, focused, issue orientated Working Groups and large plenary sessions featuring speakers and discussions, we will create a Unified Campaign of Action to carry us from the pivotal 1996 election year into the 21st Century with the goal of complete Nuclear Abolition. Throughout the summit we will have a chance to celebrate our diverse and creative, community through music and artform.

At the opening of the Summit, on Monday, April 1, we will make a bold and public statement through a Rally at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, A Nuclear Fools Day Parade to, and a Press Conference at, the Department of Energy's Las Vegas headquarters. The Nuclear Abolition Summit will end on April 4, at the gates to the Nevada Test Site, 60 miles north, in the heart of the Western Shoshone Nation of Newe Sogobia. There, over 1000 nuclear bombs have been exploded and hundreds of thousands of veterans and civilians intentionally exposed to the radioactive fallout that has blanketed a large part of our country.

After the closing Ceremony of the Nuclear Abolition Summit, we will have the opportunity to make a strong declaration of our commitment to a nuclear free future through Nonviolent Direct Action.

Over Easter Weekend, April 4-7, Healing Global Wounds will host its annual multi-cultural Spring Gathering at the Nevada Test Site. Healing Global Wounds Began in 1991, to address 'Nuclear Colonialism': the issues of racism, class, indigenous sovereignty and land use in international nuclear policy. On Good Friday, the Lenten Desert Experience Holy Week Walk arrives at NTS. They will hold a Good Friday service and an Easter Vigil Mass on Saturday evening.

On Monday, April 8 we are calling for a Nuclear Abolition Day of Action around the world. Through Nonviolent Direct Action we will close the Test Site down stopping the transportation of nuclear waste onto the site and halting preparations for the upcoming Subcritical Hydro Nuclear explosions.

We are calling for simultaneous actions around the world demanding an end to all nuclear weapons development, a TRULY COMPREHENSIVE TEST BAN, and complete abolition of all nuclear weapons.

At the Test Site we will demand that the U.S. honor the Western Shoshone National Council's Newe Sogobia Nuclear Free Zone Resolution. Please consider doing a Solidarity Action in your local area. Call and we will send you an organizers packet with Nonviolent Direct Action reference materials and information to help do outreach and media work.

Please refer to complete package of information included: NAS and NADA Flyer and Schedule; NAS and NADA brochure; List of Organizing Committees and timeline; Newsletter and calendar submissions (Call if you need photo ready material). We will keep you updated with new material as they are produced.

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