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Please Come to Lafayette Park, from noon Saturday, March 19, until Sunday, March 20, 2011, for a two-day celebration of vigil founder William Thomas's life and legacy outside the White House. People will bring drums, photos, stories, songs, ideas for a better world. We will share these days with the "STOP THESE WARS" actions sponsored by Veterans for Peace.

Please Also Come to the Peace House Potluck on Sunday, March 20, at 7 pm. We hope all Thomas's friends can join us at 1233 12th St NW. After we eat we will show Tim Wilkerson's wonderful new biography of Thomas and three other vigilers, "Oracles of Pennsylvania Avenue," which will soon be broadcast on Aljazeera. We are in the process of emptying the Peace House of memorabilia and tools, and we will have a silent auction plus giveaway of various treasures. Please rsvp Ellen Thomas or call the Peace House at 202-682-4282 if you have questions.


* 24-hour-per-day vigil for peace, justice, and global nuclear disarmament in Lafayette Park along Pennsylvania Avenue; if the park is closed, we will be waiting for it to reopen on the sidewalk beside St. John's Church, at 16th and H St NW. Write to us!

* Catholic Worker-sponsored prayer vigils:

* Every Friday from noon to 1:00 p.m., on the White House sidewalk across from Lafayette Park, to end sanctions against Iraq.
* every Monday from 7 to 8 a.m., at the Pentagon South entrance, for an end to the arms race (since the 1980's). IMPORTANT NOTE! Pentagon security has been arresting people for merely holding signs or praying since six people poured blood on eight columns in Spring 2001. It is suggested you wear your message as a T-Shirt or pins and plan to stand in silent witness.
* Plowshares activists now have their own website:

* Check out "Stand Up For Democracy DC"


* Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton re-introduced the "Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act" for the seventh time on March 29, 2007, as HR-1826. Please call her office (202-225-8050) to co-sponsor (if legislators), or to thank her and inquire how you can help promote it!

* Sign the Online Petition to Abolish Nuclear Weapons!

* "Stockholder Actions" to Invest in Clean Energy (ICE), submitted to six nuclear utilities for alternative energy funding

* Check out NucNews

* Proposition One received 2000 the

* Depleted Uranium keeps on killing!

* Letter to President Bush

* Letter to Presidential Candidates

* Quadrennial inauguration hoopla

* History of Lafayette Park | Current Situation of the Vigil in Lafayette Park

* Nuts Not Nukes: Squirrels for Peace

* Fax your Senators (ask them to introduce Proposition One into the Senate)!

* Help lobby on Capitol Hill or with your own representative to promote the "Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act."

* Del. Norton's Nuclear Disarmament and Economic Conversion Act of 2007 (HR-1826)

* Lobbying Project -- call 202-682-4282 to help table or arrange speakers at universities or elsewhere re current nuclear issues, the Proposition One petition and informational questionnaire.

* Network with Abolition 2000 Caucus and others via our A-Z Weblinks.

* "Back From The Brink" - De-Alert Nuclear Weapons Campaign

U.S.-Japan Defense Guidelines --
Japanese people are concerned, Peace Constitution is threatened.

* Message to the Chinese People

* List of 1000+ Nuclear Tests (A-Z)

Stop NATO expansion

Keep on eye on the U.N. | the U.S. | Nevada Test Site

International Criminal Court does not list nuclear weapons as war crime -- letters needed to Congress

Cassini was just the start -- 11 more launches planned that need to be stopped

Campus Outreach -- e-mail Proposition One Committee or call 202-682-4282 to help table at universities with the Nuclear Questionnaire.

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