Executive Summary

National Incident Team Management Information - Rainbow Family Background

1998 Site Selection

Past Management Approaches

Current Management Strategy

1998 Incident Management Objectives

Team Contacts

Delegation of Authority

Unified Command

Closeouts and Critiques

Command and General Staff Reports Safety

Public Affairs/Information

Law Enforcement Operations





Impacts to National Forest Resources Carnero Lake Chosen as Gathering Site

Conditions Previous to Gathering

Natural Resource Effects of the Rainbow Gathering

Abandoned Pets

Health and Safety Concerns

Camp Life During the Gathering

Forage Utilization Standards - Measurement of Grass

Species Management - Impacts on Threatened & Endangered Species

Tree Management - Documentation of the Number of Trees Cut or Removed

Range Impact - Cattle/Sheep Reductions or Removal

Heritage Resources / Traditional Cultural Properties

Photos of 1998 Gathering

Previous Conditions - Roads and Trails

New Roads and Trails


Loose Trash

Trash Recycling

Herb Gardens



Water Supply

Community Impacts / Support

Camp Life



1. National Strategy for the Management of Large Group Activities on National Forest System Lands

2. Rainbow Family, Safety and Health Issues

3. Off Site Impacts, Safety Issues

4. Safety Incident Personnel

5. Patients Seen by White Mountain Regional Medical Center

6. Safety and Health Alerts

7. Maps of Gathering Site

8. Site and Resource Rehabilitation Plan

9. Letter to Rainbows, July 17

10. Preliminary Water Quality Data

11. Bills and Expenditures

12. Paced Transects, Scores and Discussion

13. Riparian PFC Survey Data Sheets

14. Fire Suppression Plan

15. Air Operations Plan - Rescue Ops

16. Air Operations Plan - DPS Ops

17. Air Operations Plan - AZ Game & Fish Ops

18. Preliminary Budget Analysis.

19. Impact on Communities