TO: Nuclear Abolition Summit organizers and participants
From: Reinard Knutsen

Dear Friends,

It is hard to believe that there are only 35 days left until the Nuclear Abolition Summit. It seems like just last week when we first began to make tentative proposals and plans for a Nuclear Abolition Network meeting which has blossomed into the current event. At the start of a project it is always a little difficult to see exactly how things might shape and form themselves. The Nuclear Abolition Summit has evolved in many wonderful ways that we did not predict. We could not have got where we are in this process with out your involvement and support.

Thank you to everyone who has participated and will participate in the creation of this event. I know that every one is really busy with their own projects and working on specialized issues, so we really appreciate the time and energy that you have put into bringing this Summit to life. And we do feel that every one who attends the summit will benefit from the hard work we have all done on this together.

It would take up a few pages to list everyone that has given us support and advice along the way. But we would like to mention a few people who in particular have been very influential in getting the summit organized. Thank you to:

Jennifer Viereck of Healing Global Wounds for the incredible strength and energy that has kept us coming back to the Test Site each year;

Peace Action and Peace Education Fund and in particular Fran Teplitz and Karina Wood for being there from the very beginning and all your dedication and energy in building new coalitions;

Chris Brown and STAND for arranging the Summit meeting space at UNLV:

Rick Nielson of Citizen Alert for the office space and support you have given in preparing a smooth transition for us into Las Vegas;

Virginia Sanchez with Citizen Alert Native American Project for her support and guidance.

Chief Raymond Yowel, Zabarte and the Western Shoshone National Council for their many years of leadership in the struggle to shut the Nevada Test Site down and stop shipments of nuclear waste into Nevada.

Grace Thorpe from NECONA,

Bruce Hall with CTB Clearinghouse and now Greenpeace Disarmament Campaigner for his work in spreading information about CTB and international disarmament work;

Jackie Cabasso with

for her many years of work in bringing the international and national movements together;

John and Louise of the Hiroshima / Nagasaki Peace Committee who have given us so much support in DC;

Peter Bergel and Center for Energy Research;

Bridget Chisholm of Travel Concepts for help with hotel negotiations;

and thank you to all the organizations and activists that are working on the many levels of nuclear abolition campaigns.

I wanted to make a brief report on the current situation and I hope to begin follow up phone calls this week to individually make contact with many of you to discuss your particular involvement in the Summit. But I also encourage you to please call me if you have any questions or concerns that you need clarification with. I have exactly seven days left in Washington DC before I hit the neon streets of Las Vegas. Time is moving very quickly and I am in a constant race to catch up.


I am including the most recent agenda schedule for the Summit. Note that this is still a DRAFT copy and has not been finalized. Thank you to all who have given suggestions and participated in creating a basic agenda where everyone is represented in some way. We still welcome you input into this process and I am sure that the agenda will continue to evolve.


We are in negotiations with the Continental Casino which is about five blocks from UNLV to hold a block of 10 rooms for March 31 and a block of 30 rooms for April 1-3. To reserve a room you will need to contact the hotel directly. It will be cheaper if you are able to group up with others from your area. Up to four people can legally squeeze into each room. If you are a single representative and would like help coordinating a room share please let us know. We will be able to do this on a limited basis. Later on today we might have the contract finalized and will provide you with the 800 # for the hotel.

We are planning on providing a camping space for people who can not afford or do not want a hotel. We have not finalized the location for this spot but it will be a main priority as soon as I get to Vegas. We do have several leads of possible sites any where from 3 miles to 20 miles from UNLV. As soon as we have a spot finalized we will provide a map and directions on how to get there. Where ever the location is we will provide some kind of shuttle between the site and UNLV. We will also try to provide limited pickup services from the airport or bus station. Seeds of Peace will provide a kitchen and logistical support at the camping area.

We will be coordinating a mass Convoy out to the Nevada Test Site, 60 miles north of Las Vegas, on Thursday April 4. We hope that you will stay for the Healing Global Wounds Spring Gathering but will provide transportation both ways for people needing to return to Las Vegas. If you need a ride either one way or both ways please let us know.

If you are a driver with a vehicle and are interested in helping us with our transportation logistical dilemma, WE NEED YOU!

For information on travel arrangements to and from Las Vegas please call Bridget Chisholm of Travel Concepts at 1-800-787-2937


We are reaching a point where in order to help us with our planning and to provide funds for logistical support of the Summit it is essential that we get in your early registration. Please fill out the accompanying registration form and mail it in immediately. Registration is on a sliding scale donation basis. NO ONE WILL BE TURNED AWAY! We estimate that the Nuclear Abolition Summit and Nuclear Abolition Day of Action will cost $75 per person. We appreciate it If you are able to donate more then that to help some one else who might not be able to afford as much. We must all support one another in this.

Getting in your registration forms will allow us to get updated information to you quicker.

Fill them out and Fax them in!

Nonviolence Training

We are organizing an independent full day Non Violence Training Workshop for March 31. We see this as a time to discuss the deeper implications of nonviolence as a lifestyle and political tactic. This workshop is still in development. Please let us know if you are interested in participating in this and if you have any materials on Nonviolence that you would like to share.

In the next few days please take this opportunity to discuss with others in your organization or community ways in which you want to participate in the summit and Nuclear Abolition Day of Action. It will be great to speak with you personally to discuss the many exciting developments in the organizating process.

If you have not recieved our latest organizers letter and Agenda Development Questionarre please let me know and I will fax it to you right away.

In Peace and for a nuclear free future,


BAN Waste Coalition,
Bay Area Action,
Center for Energy Research,
Citizen Alert,
CTB Clearinghouse,
Gray Panthers,
Grandmothers for Peace (Northland Chapter),
Hiroshima / Nagasaki Peace Committee,
Manhattan Project II,
Peace Action,
Peace Action Education Fund,
Proposition One,
Sane /Freeze Hawaii,
Seeds of Peace,
Shundahai Network,
Unity Foundation,
War Resisters League,
Western States Legal Foundation,
Wetlands Preserve Environmental Center,
Women's International League of Peace and Freedom,
Women Strike for Peace

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